About Us

Positive Revolution was formed in 2008. It is co-founded by Paul Robinson. Our organization believes in research, learning and sharing. Publishing was our first division through which we introduced audio books and e-books. We are dedicated at creating various learning tools using technology. Now we have over 9 different divisions, with each team dedicated to create top notch, effective, easy to use and practical learning & sharing tools and techniques.

Our varied service divisions have paved way for a group of companies. Under the Umbrella of Positive Revolution, we have 5 new companies, which are constantly working on providing services to individuals and organizations.

Positive Revolution Films

Media being our forte, Positive Revolution films works on creating documentaries and learning videos. We have over 13 documentaries and 80 management videos and still counting. Our team of writers, technicians and experts work towards making films to create awareness and subject matter expertise through this process.

Revolution Consulting

As the name suggests, it is a dedicated unit providing, training, consulting and coaching to companies, business owners and individuals. It is a rapidly growing Venture under the leadership of Paul Robinson. We have trained, consulted and coached over 500 and odd companies ranging from MNC, SME and business leaders.

Revolution Ventures

We believe that every drop counts to make an ocean. Startups, Micro businesses being the language of the new age, under this division, our mission is to encourage and mentor new business ideas to make sure it is well nurtured and grows. As of 2019, we have launched 3 new micro businesses that is fun, innovative and trendy.

Crash Course MBA

We believe in individual capabilities over certified qualifications. Management degrees being the name of the game, we have initiated Crashcoursemba as a platform, which helps anybody to learn and make any transition irrespective of whatever juncture of life they are in. It is a data bank of management information, inspirational videos from experts worldwide.