This documentary is to create awareness about addiction, addictive habits and patterns and addicts themselves. 

Through realistic facts and statistics supported by surveys and research on the subject matter, with excerpts from experts and inspiring case studies, helps us to make this documentary informative, inspiring and pragmatic. Through some time tested and proven methods, processes, tools and case studies, we are making an attempt to create a self-help approach to overcome addiction. It is intended to provide you with life skills and simple tools to help you manage your state of mind and your body.

The film is about understanding addiction and finding various self help solutions, along with professional insights, to overcome addiction effectively.

Why we need to overcome addiction

Many people consider addiction as a faulty habit developed by some weak individuals. Millions of addicts and their peers, give up on lives, assuming addiction is a dead-end, an irreversible destructive life pattern. Will power is over exaggerated without identifying the reasons or triggering facts. Most of the times, people do not understand when they should rely on self-help approach and when to seek out for professional help.

Addiction is an underrated word for a bigger underlying challenge. Addiction is mostly perceived as an individual weakness to manage a situation. A lot of times, its not the addicts alone who are responsible for this pattern, but there are many more inevitable factors. 

Our aim is to throw light on most of the misunderstood and misguiding facts that leads to addiction, removing the façade on the suggestive patterns which leads to addiction and finally trigger people to take action, not just partially but going into the depths so as to not to fall back into the spot again.

This film is an attempt to empower the viewers to let go of the misunderstandings associated with addicts, addictions or circumstances so that they can forge ahead with their far greater potential for inner freedom and happiness.

Why we make inspirational documentaries?​

  • As an organization, we are into developing learning tools and hence documentary is a visual medium through which we create awareness and educate people
  • We bring together the greatest minds and experts to share their excerpts on a subject matter
  • Through collaborative effort we aim at bringing the most updated, pragmatic and accurate information to viewers
  • The documented information helps in providing some realistic solutions for world’s pressing problems related to mental health and wellbeing
  • Make learning and knowledge sharing more accessible
  • Spread positivity, optimism and self-reliance and inspire people to overcome challenges
  • Ignite a positive revolution

What is this Film About?

What is Addiction and why is it important to address it now?

Addiction can be described as chronically and compulsively numbing and taking the edge off of feelings. Or a text book definition is that: “It is a state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming such as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma” Addiction today is epidemic and catastrophic. If we are not victims ourselves, we all most probably know someone struggling with a merciless compulsion to alter their mental state through addictions.

The addictive brain!!

Our brain is a network of neurons, neural pathways and chemicals that trigger stimuli and response for the healthy functioning of the body. But what happens in an addictive brain is forced responses. By providing information on addictive brain, how it is created and functions, people will learn to manage and overcome addictions in a better manner. Peers of addicts will understand how to deal with them and support them.

Overcoming and recovering from addiction

Recovering or overcoming is a painstaking process, both for the addicts and their peers. Understanding the underlying emotions for addiction, stress, habits and patterns, circumstances which led to chemical addiction and many other inevitable but imperative factors will help individuals to overcome and recover from addictive patterns.

What are the main causes for Addiction?

Addiction is mostly considered as the faulty behavior of an individual or the habits adapted by a weak willed brain. But there are many a times when an addict is not even responsible for getting into addiction. This section throws light on various factors which leads to addiction, some of them are shocking, but true.

Understanding addictive behavior

There are no clear-cut tests to determine whether one is, or is not, an addict, and in addition to making diagnosis murky, this lack of clarity hinders efforts to cure the disease. Hence most observations are done through focusing on the addictive behaviors. Behaviors become addictive when they are the result of a pattern that becomes a ritual, habitual and repetitive.

Becoming aware of your biological urges and triggers

Urges are normal but addictive behaviors cause changes in your brain that make urges very powerful, so “getting rid of them” is an unrealistic expectation. You can’t control urges, but you can control how you respond to them. Learn the different kind of urges and triggering factors that will stop an individual from making changes.

Self-help approach to addiction

In most cases, self-help approach to addiction is the way out, but its important to know when to use this or when to seek out for professional help. We insist that if needed, please do not hesitate in taking professional help. This section explains in details as to how we can overcome addiction, making lasting changes, creating new habits and lifestyle patterns and recover from its control over us. There are many self-help solutions that you can apply to deal with depression healthily.


Most frequent questions and answers from our collaborators

As an organization, we are into developing learning tools and hence documentary is a visual medium through which we create awareness and educate people

We choose a subject matter and work on the content. Our research team helps us in finding individuals and organizations who are experts in the field and are willing to share their insights; we work in collaboration with these experts to create the most simplified, yet profound content. Our technicians and narrators add a beautiful visual and experiential language to make the viewing educative and engaging.


In the current fast paced and volatile times, concentration and focus is a big challenge individuals are constantly battling with. Visual medium, if used correctly engages the audience. When we combine stirring information, uplifting experiences and experts insights, it becomes  compulsive for viewers, to take action and consider changes for their betterment.

We believe that as individuals, each person lives a unique experience  and thus bring in perspective power and solutions to similar challenges from various vantage points. Harvesting on different ideas, expert views and insights can bring in an amalgamation of learning. Thus we can create a holistic, wholesome and a better version of the subject matter.

We identify authors, academicians, researchers, therapists, healers, organizations or groups or it could be even individuals who have lived through the experience and have an authority on a certain subject. Just like what we believe in, it is imperative that these authorities should be willing to impart their knowledge and information unbiased and also possess a strong passion for teaching and helping people.


Authorized personalities from our organization select and invite interviewees. Upon accepting the invitation, as part of the collaboration process, a Non-disclosure agreement and what is expected will be explained in our proposal. Once we complete the formalities, we will work on creating the sections where we would need your expert interview.

Since it is not possible for a professional crew to record the interview during this pandemic and lock down, we expect the experts to record and share their interviews with us. The specifications for recording will be mentioned in the collaboration process.

By collaborating, they will be provided with a platform to share their work with our viewers. Moreover, since we consider individuals who are passionate about sharing, teaching and helping people grow, its an opportunity for all of us to live our passion, that is making the world a better place to live in.

Invited individuals can record their content on their devices (which can be a DSLR camera or a mobile phone with full HD recording) and share the unedited version with us. If you need any assistance, you can always reach out to us for the same.


We have viewers from across the globe; our collaborators will have an opportunity to have exposure to our viewers. This will be become a new avenue to promote their work, products or services. We will be giving credits to all our collaborators, by providing links to their websites (personal / professional); through this opportunity they can promote themselves, their products (books, courses) / services to a new set of audience.

About the film maker

Paul Robinson is an acclaimed author, keynote speaker and coach in the field of human potential development. 

Apart from speaking and writing, Paul is also passionate about creating documentaries and learning tools on personal and professional development. He mentors a team of film enthusiasts who ardently contribute to the creation of several documentaries. 

About Positive Revolution Films

At Positive Revolution Films, we make documentaries on personal development, skill development, management studies, business, trends and professional growth.

The documentaries are informative and unbiased and they engage with a larger audience who seek to gather information or to learn certain skills.

Our reach is worldwide, catering to indiivudal and organiztions. Through expert association and high quality production and efficient team, we are not just content rich but also visually outstanding.

We have created over 18 documentaries on health, well being, business, management, personal and skill development.

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