This documentary is a self-help approach to dealing with depression. It is intended to provide you with life skills and simple tools to help you manage your state of mind and your body.

The film is about understanding depression and finding various self help solutions to manage depression effectively.

Why we make inspirational documentaries?

  • Bring together the greatest minds and experts to provide real solutions to worlds pressing problems related to mental health and wellbeing.
  • Inspire people to overcome their challenges
  •  Make learning and knowledge sharing more accessible to people
  • Spread positivity, optimism and self-reliance
  • Ignite a positive revolution

Why we need to survive depression?

A wide majority of the population today go through a major depressive episode at some point in their lives. A lot of them develop a pattern of recurrent depressive episodes in their lifetime.

According to data gathered since in the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, about 37 million Americans are prescribed antidepressants that are 13% of the population, and half of those prescriptions are of at least five years in duration.

Depression can’t be ignored and there are many ways to overcome it’s challenges. This documentary is an attempt to pool in the best of ideas, practices and solutions that will help people to survive depression.



Most frequent questions and answers

We interview our experts only through invitation. The film features authors, psychologist, therapists, spiritual councillors, topic related experts and content creators on the subject of forgiveness.

During this lock down, getting an interview recorded from a professional crew is not possible. Hence, the interviewee send us their interview footage from their device to our film editors.

The recorded content from interviewee should reach us within 30 days from the date of correspondence with our team.

The film will be available on free channels like YouTube and other premium content sharing platforms. Experts get to share their insights with their targeted  audience.  Expert’s books and blogs will be popularised through links in the description box to drive more traffic to their sites.

Experts who will be interviewed for this documentary will have no right to own the film content. They will receive interview credits. They can share the content on their social media and website for marketing and promotions.

About the film maker

Paul Robinson is an acclaimed author, keynote speaker and coach in the field of human potential development. 

Apart from speaking and writing, Paul is also passionate about creating documentaries and learning tools on personal and professional development. He mentors a team of film enthusiasts who ardently contribute to the creation of several documentaries.

About Positive Revolution Films

At Positive Revolution Films, we make documentaries on personal development, skill development, management studies, business, trends and professional growth.

The documentaries are informative and unbiased and they engage with a larger audience who seek to gather information or to learn certain skills.

Our reach is worldwide, catering to indiivudal and organiztions. Through expert association and high quality production and efficient team, we are not just content rich but also visually outstanding.

We have created over 18 documentaries on health, well being, business, management, personal and skill development.

Our documentaries are available on free platforms like YouTube and for organized group screening, i.e in organizations, support & learning groups, educational institutions and similar platforms where learning and sharing is the key aspect.