Who we are

How we intend to make a difference!!

Positive Revolution is born out of optimism and thought leadership. Just like how a small ripple can eventually make a huge impact in a pond, we believe that small things can make a huge difference. We do our tiny bit by spreading positivity, encouraging learning and helping others to make small changes that will compound to huge transformations in their personal, professional and social life.


PUBLISHING: Positive Revolution is the first company in India to produce and distribute motivational audio learning programs in the Asian region. Our motivational and management books have successfully delivered powerful insights to thousands of people across the world to act on their newly empowered beliefs. We are doing our small bit in spreading a Positive Revolution and for us this is only Day One

TRAINING: We pioneered in ‘Transformational Education’ to help several companies achieve their organisational goals through the development of a collaborative work culture. Our leadership training programs have helped thousands of executives to embrace their leadership potential.

CONSULTING: We deployed ‘Productivity Tools’ in several companies to transform their work from doing mundane tasks to setting a rhythm that’s maximised by everyones innate potential.

COACHING: We helped SMEs & businessmen to transform their businesses to reach new heights by implementing effective changes in their attitudes and beliefs towards growing their companies. We imparted relevant skills to thousands of professionals to scale up their career in sales and marketing.

DOCUMENTARY FILMS: Positive Revolution films has a record of producing 12 documentary films based on the works of Paul Robinson.