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Upcoming Documentaries

Lessons in Forgiveness

 Lessons in Forgiveness is an upcoming documentary from Positive Revolution Films featuring the interviews of leading authorities on the subject of forgiveness. Explore insights from: Dr.Robert Enright, Dr.Everett Worthington, Frederic Luskin,  Dr. Bob Weathers, Jodi Aman, Loren Toussaint, Susan Browne, Keir Brady, Apollonia Ponti and Brad Yates.

Surviving the Big D

This is a self help approach to managing depression told by the leading experts in the industry. Learn about depression and build life skills to manage them. Use skills over pills and go beyond helplessness to being in control of your life. The film features Dr. Micheal Yapko, Dr. Jed Diamond, Dr.Hilary Jacobs, Robert Simic, Immanuel Jones, Brooke Siem and many others.

The Immunity Project

  The immunity project is a 10 part  mini documentary series from Positive Revolution covering most of the critical aspects concerning health and immunity. World’s leading experts, revolutionary researchers, medical professionals, authors and healers come together to unravel the obscure facts about immunity. 

Our Services

Corporate Services

We provide highly focused performance enhancing and skill-based training to small and large corporate groups on management and personal development. Our training methodology is learning through interactions, insights, case studies, discussions & brain storming, for effective result. Our services include Strategy sessions, Leadership development, Keynotes, Training, Consulting & Coaching.

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SME Services

We take transformational and holistic approach for organizations / business of any size or sector to fill the gap between the mediocre to optimal performance. We focus on mindset & behavior, competencies & practices, interpersonal effectiveness & collective contribution, transformation & change from routine chore to effective & precise working system.

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Insight Strategy Consulting

Insights Strategic Consulting (ISC) is a personal coaching service, which is focused on developing action steps for desired results. Any individual or professional who has a compelling challenge, or someone who needs a road map to achieve a short-term goal, or individuals seeking professional or personal transformation can opt for Insight Strategy Consulting (ISC).

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Visual medium- Easy to grasp, fun to watch  

Positive Revolutions Documentary film is a section dedicated at creating documentaries as a learning tool. Through this medium we create awareness about the subject matter, educate people on the importance of the topic and help them to imbibe the insights through a structured learning flow. A combination of catchy visuals, precise information, case studies for pragmatic approach and experts insights & interviews make our documentaries unique and effective in communicating the messages.


Upcoming Books 

Books are strong medium of education and communication medium. Positive Revolution publishing unit aims in publishing books related to management & human potential development. Our upcoming book ‘The Deviants’ by Paul Robinson is one such milestone. The book is about creating deviants among individuals, organizations, products or services. The author’s purpose is to provide precise, well-structured, latest information with a combination of learning tools and insights to create mastery over the subject.

Online Training Courses

Our online learning programs are designed with the intention of helping individuals to master new competencies. it’s a combination of documented information visuals like short videos, author insights, workbook and presentation. Simplified information, concepts and activities with practical tools and appropriate technology makes the learning process fun and interesting.

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A few things we’re great at

Positive Revolution takes pride in introducing a wide range of learning tools for maximising human potential and productivity.


Journals are a great way to create new habits and behaviors creating lasting changes. Our team is dedicated at creating customized journals on various topics ranging from passion, skills, hobbies, health and management topics. This is one of our proud innovative ventures aligned with our organization passion, i.e. learning & sharing. Our journals are fun to use and effective practicing techniques makes it unique.

Audio Books

Audiobooks is the most simplified learning format; it’s a great tool that saves time and effort. For all those who find reading a book mundane and boring, it’s a savior. Positive Revolutions publishes books in audio formats on management and personal development topics. Digitalization has made this medium grow faster as it is cheaper, accessible and easy to use.


Books are a classic format of providing information. Positive Revolutions publishes books and ebooks on varied non-fiction topics. These are available on various platforms. Our experts make sure that we chose the right content for publishing; we not only pay attention to details but aesthetics as well, hence we incorporate images, info-graphics and innovative design elements.

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